A downloadable game

People don't make these kind of games anymore. Download to show them the genre is still strong!

About the game:

Best played with a controller, but mouse + keyboard work too:

* A  / L Mouse Btn - shoot
* Right Trigger / R Mouse Btn - Barrel Roll
* Picking up a missile power-up, it replaces your laser power-ups and vice versa
* With the missile weapon you can hold A for a charge shot, keep holding for a bomb!

Fun facts:
* I made it over a few weekends
* The voice acting (even guys) was done by 1 person. Her name is Molly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play! It means a lot.

Install instructions

Instructions (works on Windows, now Mac):

1. Unzip SpaceCat.zip

2. Extract the folder.

3. Double click spacecat.exe.


SpaceCat.zip 150 MB

Also available on